Performance Riding & Driving Hors‚Äčes

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Mimosa Hills Farm, LLC

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We offer training for nearly all disciplines and breeds of horses. Our specialty is in performance horses for recreation or competition. We train for Driving, western riding, saddleseat, huntseat, jumping, trail riding, and speed events. A foundation is key and we always take our time to ensure the safety and well-being of the horse.

Training results can vary greatly depending on the horse. Before horses start our training program they will be evaluated for soundness and potential suitability. Evaluations are $75 plus travel when applicable. If there is not room on the farm to board and train you can send a $100 deposit to hold the next available stall. Horses coming to the farm must have a current coggins, a health certificate within 30 days if coming from out of state, and must have had their teeth checked by a veterinarian within the past 12 months. We cannot accept stallions at this time, mares and geldings only. 

Lessons are included with your daily training rate. For best results, take as many lessons as possible with your horse before taking them home. The prices below are for horses being trained on a daily basis. For horses who are worked less than 4 times per week, the training fee is $40 per hour.