Performance Riding & Driving Hors​es

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What makes our program so unique? Our goal in training horses is for you to have a horse to enjoy. Therefore our training program encourages the owners to be very involved in the horses progress and also teach the owner how to continue to progress the horse beyond the training program. This allows owners the best chance at having a successful relationship with their horse and helps provide the owner with the skill to keep their horse schooled on their own. For those interested in sending their horse for training with the goal to sell, we make sure the horse is well rounded and rideable for amateurs or for the suitable clientele.  

Crosby Reed specializes in recreational and competitive driving as well as starting or shaping horses and ponies under saddle in preparation for driving. Crosby also has a strong western riding background and can train for ranch riding, trail, western dressage, and horsemanship. She also trains small to large ponies for hunters and cross country. 

Morgan Baudean rides and trains in an american style and specializes in training horses to be sold as performance hunters and jumpers. If you have a horse with an issue or is very difficult to get under saddle, Morgan can get to the bottom of the issue, fix it, and bring the horse to it's best potential. Morgan has had a 100% success rate with some of the toughest warmbloods and thoroughbreds and can spot any problem that needs resolved before moving forward with training. 

​Trailering issues: do you have a horse that will not load? We have a flat rate for teaching your horse to load into stock trailers, small straight load trailers, trailers with and without ramps, and most importantly, your own trailer. We guarantee that before they leave they will self load and back out calmly out of any of our 4 styles of trailers as well as your own. This training package includes picking up your horse at your location and a full trailering training. $750

Before horses start our training program they will be evaluated for soundness and potential suitability. Evaluations are $75 plus travel when applicable. If there is not room on the farm to board and train you can send a $100 deposit to hold the next available stall. Horses coming to the farm must have a current coggins, a health certificate within 30 days if coming from out of state, and must have had their teeth checked by a veterinarian within the past 12 months.

Please contact us about pricing as we offer several packages to fit individual needs.


Here is a typical guideline for starting/training horses that will allow ample time for the horses to be properly trained. 

Start under saddle...meaning the horse will accept a saddle and rider and be started walk/trot/canter/trails/jumps

30 days...very green/barely started/mostly groundwork

60 days...well started under saddle, learning to walk/trot

90 days...learning walk/trot/canter with balanced rider, started on trails or jumps. 

6 months...typically ready for amateur rider, depending on the horse

Performance Training for show horses

These horses typically require full-time training and fitness regimen for 6 months leading up to their performance/show career and remain in full training for the duration of their show career.  

Driving Training...the following estimation is for a horse that already rides and understands basic cues.

30 days...started in harness, learning to accept harness and ground drive

60 days...pulling drag, learning to work between shafts and respond properly.

90 days... start in cart, learning to pull weight and navigate with carriage

120 on consistency and start trails/off property, making sure horse is safe for amateur driver

150...horses typically are becoming fairly dependable in harness 

If driving horses come in unstarted under saddle we typically start them under saddle to more safely teach basic cues. 

Just a few horses trained or in training at MHF